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Wednesday - 06/11/14

Sami and Marlena interrupt an emotional moment between Nicole and Eric. Eric admits the wedding is off. Once she gets Eric alone again, Nicole asks why he can't forgive her. Eric says he does forgive her... but he'll never forget what she did to him.

Jennifer reluctantly admits to Daniel she believes if she hadn't told Eric the truth, then Daniel would have kept covering for Nicole. Daniel is devastated by her lack of faith in him. Emotionally hit, Daniel tells Jennifer she doesn't know him at all... and walks out on her.

Gabi thanks Jordan for being so good to her brother. She thinks Jordan is good for Rafe and hopes they stay together. Later, Rafe continues to push Jordan away.

EJ informs Sami that Kate is trying to convince his father to stop EJ from marrying Sami. Sami's full of outrage, and EJ promises Stefano will not get in the way of their wedding.

JJ and Paige's kiss starts to lead to more, but a call from her mother brings things to a halt. JJ is irked when he thinks Paige hasn't told her mom about him, but Paige assures that's not true. However, she admits she hasn't told her everything about JJ... particularly about his past.

NEXT ON: Gabi shares a tearful farewell with Rafe, Will and Sonny.

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Jennifer makes an admission that deeply wounds Daniel.
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Days of our Lives
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Wednesday, June 11, 2014 - 13:00
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Days of our Lives



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Jennifer makes an admission that deeply wounds Daniel.