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Wednesday - 05/28/14

Victor lets Sonny know he realized his nephew came to the mansion and got one of Victor's guns. He's adamant that Sonny needs to be protected and wants to fly him out of the country immediately. Meanwhile, Will is at the station, making a stunning confession. Hope summons Abe and together they question Will.

Brady gives Theresa some money so she can buy some coke for herself, but insists he doesn't need any for himself. He briefly leaves to pick up some more alcohol and runs into John. After an unpleasant exchange, he returns to Theresa, who plays him carefully... and finally Brady lets go and tries the cocaine.

Abigail shows up at Club TBD to find Gabi in the middle of a photo shoot and Ben watching Arianna for her. Abigail is thrown when Ben has a strong reaction to an innocent offer.

Bev continues to mess with Paige's head, then takes off when JJ returns. Paige is off her pins but JJ is sweet and reassuring when he sees something is troubling her. Paige manages to put her uneasiness behind her.

Marlena learns Roman has agreed to be Giselle's date for the auction and it leads to a little lighthearted teasing between the two. John sees their closeness, a sad reminder that Marlena has indeed moved on.

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Victor comes to a surprising realization about Sonny.
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Days of our Lives
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Wednesday, May 28, 2014 - 13:00
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Days of our Lives



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Victor comes to a surprising realization about Sonny.