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Wednesday - 05/21/14

Daniel is about to tell Eric the truth about Nicole, but she tries to tap dance out of this; and Eric follows her misdirection. Daniel all but forces Nicole back to his place, where she begs him to let her deception die with Liam. However, Daniel is adamant she come clean, and to ensure she follows through this time, he leaves Eric a message to call him after he's spoken to Nicole. Nicole grimly goes to see Eric, but in a desperate move, she tells him they must elope!

Earlier, Eric goes to see Sami and reveals he's marrying Nicole. She's not happy and tells her brother he's making a big mistake.

Sami worries Will might have been the one who shot Nick, but EJ strongly disagrees.

Kate accidentally upsets Gabi, and Sonny tries to smooth things over. Later, EJ and Will show up at the apartment, and EJ goes over the joint custody agreement. To everyone's surprise, Gabi is adamant that Sonny and his rights be factored into the agreement.

Lucas has a heart-to-heart with Will, telling his son he is here for him if he wants to talk. Will surprises Lucas by telling him the same thing. Later, Kate accuses Lucas of having taken her gun.

Jennifer tries to console Maggie over Nick, but it's Victor who raises her spirits.

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Sami explodes when she learns Eric plans to marry Nicole.
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Days of our Lives
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Wednesday, May 21, 2014 - 13:00
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Days of our Lives



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Sami explodes when she learns Eric plans to marry Nicole.