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Wednesday - 05/14/14

Jennifer confesses to Eric that she's not totally comfortable with the lie Nicole and Daniel told Eric a while back (about being lovers). Later, they decide to surprise their significant others, knowing Nicole is telling Daniel about her and Eric's engagement. At the same time, Daniel confronts a blindsided Nicole with the truth about what she's been hiding.

Aiden offers his support to Hope (and later to Jennifer) as Hope tries to figure out who shot Nick. As Sonny and Will discuss returning the gun to Victor's, and they are almost caught by Gabi. Gabi announces she's canceling the custody hearing. Sonny professes his belief that things will all work out, but then is brought in to be questioned by Hope. Meanwhile, Rafe confronts Will about his fight with Nick.

Sami walks in to hear Nick's final voice message on Marlena's phone and is rattled. EJ arrives in time to make sure Sami doesn't give anything away to Marlena. While Marlena takes the message to Hope, EJ and Sami are interrupted by Gabi.

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Daniel confronts Nicole with the truth!
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Days of our Lives
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Wednesday, May 14, 2014 - 13:00
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Days of our Lives



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Daniel confronts Nicole with the truth!