Sonny takes unexpected measures to protect those he loves.
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Wednesday - 05/07/14

Season 49
Episode 12333
Air Date 05/07/14

A panicked Abigail meets with EJ, mortified that Nick knows about their affair. EJ assures he is handling the matter. Meanwhile, Sami attempts diplomacy with Nick but her move backfires. Later, EJ returns home to find an emotional Sami.

Sonny has an unpleasant run-in with Nick. Realizing Nick must be stopped, Sonny takes unexpected measures to protect those he loves. Later, Nick pushes Will's buttons and things turn violent.

As Daniel recovers from his gunshot wounds, Jennifer confides she feels partly responsible. However, Daniel won't let her blame herself. Hope arrives with the good news. Later, Daniel and Jennifer go to the island to look for her lost necklace. They split up and while she manages to find the necklace in the cabin, Daniel is the one who makes the true discovery of consequence...

Eric proposes to Nicole, who accepts, overjoyed. When they meet up with Hope, Nicole is relieved to learn nothing out of the ordinary was found at Liam's place.

JJ is upset with Paige but when he opens up to her, she shares some things in her past that have been painful for her as well... and the emotional outpouring brings them closer. JJ pulls her close for a kiss.