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Wednesday - 04/30/14

Liam holds Nicole and Jennifer at gunpoint. He demands Nicole tell Jennifer what she's done - but instead of confessing about Chyka, Nicole admits she investigated Liam and she's learned he's a psycho! Liam snaps and in a moment of chaos, Nicole and Jennifer break free and rush out into the woods. Liam catches up to them, and he's about to kill them when Daniel tackles him. Eventually, Nicole gets the gun and fires...

Earlier, Theresa blurts to Daniel, Eric and Brady that Liam is behind everything, not her! She tells a partial truth about how she doesn't know anything for sure but she's come to realize Liam is obsessed with Jennifer. Daniel and Eric take off to find Jennifer while Brady and Theresa inform Hope that Liam may be dangerous. Later, Brady presses Theresa to tell him if she's hiding anything else.

Earlier, Hope meets with Aiden, who has a plan to win over Giselle. However, he fails; Giselle still wants a date with Roman. After Hope leaves, Ciara makes a deal to help Aiden - but wants something in return.

Sami is furious when she learns the details of Gabi's proposed custody agreement - she knows Nick is behind it. EJ assures her that he will get a fair deal for Will. However, Sami informs him he cannot bring up Nick's criminal record in court - or Nick will send Sami and Kate to prison. Later, Sami meets up with Kate, who fishes for information on what had EJ so upset. Elsewhere, Nick tells Percy he cannot forgive Kate and Sami for what they've done.

EJ receives pictures of the people who were at the ferry the day the photograph of him and Abigail was taken. He's frustrated when he doesn't recognize anyone. Later, Johnny spots someone familiar in the photos...

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Nicole and Jennifer fight to escape Liam - and someone gets shot!
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Days of our Lives
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Wednesday, April 30, 2014 - 13:00
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Days of our Lives



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Nicole and Jennifer fight to escape Liam - and someone gets shot!