JJ gets upsetting news about Paige.
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Wednesday - 04/23/14

Season 49
Episode 12323
Air Date 04/23/14

Liam listens in as a rocked Jennifer calls the pharmacy to confirm that the pill bottle she found in Daniel's apartment is real. Meanwhile, Daniel thanks Brady for his help at the hearing and is thrown when he has trouble reaching Jennifer to tell her the good news. He returns home, and an eavesdropping Liam eagerly anticipates the fireworks as Jennifer confronts Daniel with the pill bottle.

As Nicole struggles with how to get the goods on Liam, Eric finds her and shares his suspicions about Theresa. Nicole suggests someone else might be responsible but backs off from revealing what she knows about Liam. Eric goes to thank Brady for his help with Daniel, hoping for reconciliation. However, Brady shuts him out. At the same time, Nicole meets with Debra - and is shocked to see Liam's ex-wife is a dead ringer for Jennifer.

Sami and Kate discuss the possibility that Nick may rat them out without implicating Gabi, and as they review what happened that night, it becomes clear that Gabi looks a lot less guilty than they do. Sami then tries to make amends with Gabi but is rebuffed. Abigail overhears her say that Nick holds all the cards. As Abigail questions exactly what that means, Kate and EJ engage in a game of cat and mouse.

JJ and Paige get closer. When he's called away, Paige gets news that she may be going to Stanford in the fall. She shares this with Marybeth, who is all too happy to pass along the news to JJ. Hurt, JJ confronts Paige about her moving away.