Marybeth stirs up trouble for JJ and Paige.
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Wednesday - 04/16/14

Season 49
Episode 12318
Air Date 04/16/14

Nicole is on the verge of telling Daniel she thinks Liam drugged him, but they are interrupted by JJ and Abigail. Nicole loses her nerve and joins Eric, who has just told Marlena about their plans to marry. His love and support make Nicole feel even guiltier. Meanwhile, Daniel comes across Theresa in the park, and he gives her a deadly look.

Theresa tells Brady that Daniel is being accused of abusing drugs and has been suspended. Brady calls Daniel to offer support, but Daniel thinks it's best they not talk since Brady's on the hospital board. Brady warns Theresa he will crush anyone who had anything to do with this, and she privately worries since she knows about Liam. Meanwhile, Liam encourages Jennifer to let him help her, but Hope interrupts and Liam is thwarted.

Paige and JJ make plans to meet, but Marybeth intercepts a text message, leaving Paige to feel she was stood up.

Hope is touched when Aiden has Chase give her a thank you note. Later, Aiden runs into Marlena and wants to talk to her about something personal. He's about to open up but stops when Hope arrives, and he realizes she and Marlena are friends.