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Wednesday - 04/09/14

Just as JJ is about to kiss Paige, Daniel and Jennifer interrupt. Jennifer's curious about her son's new friend but Daniel immediately realizes they're imposing. However, Paige is interested in talking to Daniel about being a doctor, and JJ, wanting to score points, arranges it. They all return to the house and as Daniel goes over his daily routine, Liam listens in and gets an idea of how to destroy Daniel and Jennifer's relationship.

Sheryl confronts Kate: she knows Kate's been using her to go after Jordan. Kate, rather than trying to deny it, bullies Sheryl instead. When a panicked Lucas arrives, Sheryl rushes out. Lucas and Kate catch up with her just as she comes upon Rafe and Jordan. It's a tense moment as Sheryl clearly wants to clue in her friend... but instead makes a surprising decision. Lucas watches helplessly as Sheryl walks out of his life. Furious, he blasts his mother.

Earlier, Rafe confesses to Jordan that he wants to respect her privacy but he's a little on edge over all the secrets she's keeping about her past.

Will and Sonny settle into the Salem Inn for their honeymoon. However, Sonny can't completely relax because he's worried about Gabi's growing relationship with Nick. He thinks Will should nail down a custody agreement. Will's sure something like that would only alarm Gabi, and they agree to put the issue aside so they can get back to romance.

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Rafe tries to get Jordan to open up about her past.
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Days of our Lives
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Wednesday, April 9, 2014 - 13:00
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Days of our Lives



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Rafe tries to get Jordan to open up about her past.