Liam breaks into Jennifer's house!
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Wednesday - 04/02/14

Season 49
Episode 12308
Air Date 04/02/14

Liam knows Jennifer is at the wedding and uses the opportunity to sneak into her house. There, he downloads files from her computer, unaware that Daniel and Nicole are headed over to pick up some toys for Parker.

Theresa thinks it would be fun to shock everyone by showing up at the wedding with Brady. Brady, knowing it's Will and Sonny's day, isn't up for making any kind of "statement," and Theresa quickly agrees to show up separately.

When Gabi realizes she misunderstood Sonny's phone call, the two make amends. Sonny then has a warm moment with Victor. Meanwhile, Marlena is tense, worried her certification won't arrive in time to marry the boys. But EJ arrives in the nick of time and informs her she can legally perform the ceremony now. Everyone takes their places, and Sonny and Will get last minute encouragement from Adrienne and Sami, respectively.