Nick tries to undermine Will's faith in Sonny.
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Wednesday - 03/26/14

Season 49
Episode 12303
Air Date 03/26/14

Jennifer lays into Anne, suspecting she and Theresa are the ones tormenting her. After spending time with Brady, Theresa finally heads into work, and Anne warns her that if she has any new plots in store for Jennifer, she better be super careful! Liam shows up and takes Theresa to lunch. She's stunned when she realizes he is the person harassing Jennifer!

After drinking with Theresa, Brady is accosted by Maggie, who takes him to task for his latest slip. She also tries to get him to see that Theresa is bad news. Brady blows up and an upset Maggie goes to Daniel for help. He offers to see what he can do. At the same time, Brady asks Jennifer why she hates Theresa so much.

Earlier, Nicole informs Daniel that she and Eric are talking marriage. Meanwhile, Eric confides in Father Louis about his relationship with Nicole and how he realized that he and Nicole could never be married in the church because of her divorces. Later, Eric and Nicole meet up, and Eric prepares to talk to her about their future.

Nick tries to undermine Will's faith in Sonny. At the same time, Sonny tells Gabi she's crazy if she thinks he and Will are going to invite Nick to the wedding. They argue and Gabi seeks comfort from Nick. Meanwhile, Will finds comfort in Sonny's arms and they make love. With Nick's words ringing in his ears, Will asks why Sonny proposed - and is satisfied with his answer.