Brady is jealous when he catches Theresa with Liam.
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Wednesday - 03/19/14

Season 49
Episode 12298
Air Date 03/19/14

EJ's doctor informs Abigail she is not pregnant. Vastly relieved, she shares a bittersweet goodbye with EJ, who heads home to make love to Sami. Earlier, Sami encounters Stefano, who is happy to hear she and EJ have set a wedding date. Later, Stefano gets a call from EJ's doctor...

Jordan runs into Ben, who isn't pleased to learn she's decided to stay in Salem because of Rafe. Ben insists he's the only one she can really trust. Meanwhile, Kate learns from Rafe that Jordan is sticking around and pretends to be happy for him. However, she subtly reminds Rafe that Jordan still hasn't been completely forthcoming about her past.

Liam approaches Theresa and suggests they get to know each other better. Brady interrupts, a little jealous of Liam. Once Liam leaves, Theresa assures Brady she only wants to spend time with him. They wind up alone in the Kiriakis mansion, and Brady's ready to take her up to his room to make love. But Theresa challenges him to make his move right there in the living room... unless he's afraid of being caught. Brady pulls her close and soon they're on the couch, on their way to having sex.

Paige gets a friend request from JJ, unaware it was sent by a mischievous Bev and Rory. She's confused by the mixed signals since she and JJ just had a fight. Her friend Marybeth thinks JJ is a stalker creep. JJ shows up and is confused when Paige gives him grief. When he realizes what Rory and Bev did, JJ's mortified. His friends ask if he can really be all that bothered since he's said he thinks Paige is stuck-up - but it's clear he privately has feelings for her.