Stefano and Nicole have an ugly confrontation.
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Wednesday - 03/12/14

Season 49
Episode 12293
Air Date 03/12/14

Marlena talks with Hope about her impending video chat with Dr. Chyka. Hope gives her a tracking device so they'll be able to find his location. Meanwhile, Stefano surprises Nicole by coming to her hotel room. They have an ugly confrontation, and he leaves, reminded of her character and not feeling at all bad about helping Marlena sink her. Later, Eric and Nicole meet up and there is residual tension over his telling her he wants to wait until they marry to make their relationship a sexual one. However, they manage to smooth things over - for the time being. Meanwhile, Stefano sets up the video conference call for Marlena and Dr. Chyka, and Marlena believes she's about to uncover Nicole's deception.

Abigail begins to realize she doesn't trust EJ.

Rafe is disappointed, believing his gambit the night before has failed and Jordan has left town. Just as he's ready to give up hope, Jordan comes to Rafe and her smile tells him everything. They make love, and she says she couldn't leave him.

JJ has gotten to school early to engineer a "run-in" with Paige. He knows he's made a less-than-perfect first impression, and he has work to do. But just as he's making progress, Paige's friend, Marybeth, blasts him for his drug dealing and vandalism. JJ's horrified as Paige gets an earful. At home, he realizes he's got a past that's going to be hard to outrun. However, he's unaware Paige defended him to Marybeth once he left.