John delivers devastating news about Bo.
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Wednesday - 03/05/14

Season 49
Episode 12288
Air Date 03/05/14

Brady is stunned to learn John is back in town and has been following him. John explains he heard about Brady's drinking problem and wants to help. Brady rejects his father, then heads out with Theresa. Sami spies them together and voices her concern to Brady, who has had it with family lectures. Later, Theresa continues to enable Brady with drinks.

Earlier, Sami and Hope fight over the expensive earrings Sami gave to Ciara. Once Sami leaves, Hope and Aiden prepare for the St. Luke's bake sale. Hope gets a text from John and leaves Aiden in charge of the sale. When she meets with John, he gives her a message from Bo - he's going deep undercover and will not be able to communicate for at least a year. Hope is devastated. She returns to the school, where Aiden is upset that she left him with the crowd of hungry students. He later softens when he spies her breaking down in tears.

EJ confronts Nick about wanting Gabi back. Nick denies it, though feels if Gabi wants to get back together - on her on volition - he'd be happy to do so. He later warns EJ he intends to get exactly what he wants. Meanwhile, Nick throws his weight around while discussing his new Countess Wilhelmina projects with Lucas.

Rafe is stunned when Jordan announces she's taken a new job and will be moving away from Salem. He questions her about this sudden decision, and she does her best not to indicate it has anything to do with Ben's arrival. Rafe walks away devastated and confused. Jordan later informs Ben of her plans. Later, Ben overhears Kate telling Rafe they should talk about Jordan.

Earlier, Lucas blasts Kate for continuing to dig up dirt on Jordan. Kate makes her case about wanting to protect Rafe, and Lucas agrees to keep quiet - for now.