The person spying on Rafe and Jordan is revealed.
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Wednesday - 02/26/14

Season 49
Episode 12283
Air Date 02/26/14

Sami takes Ciara earring shopping, and they run into Nick. Ciara explains why Sami is taking her shopping, and Nick can't help but toy with Sami. He remembers the day she lost her earring. Later, Sami drops Ciara off with Abe, who takes her to Hope. Hope realizes Sami has spent an outrageous amount of money on the earrings and sternly tells Ciara she can only keep one pair and must donate the rest to charity. Ciara pleads with her mother as Aiden enters and misunderstands the situation. Earlier, Hope is forced to agree to organize the school bake sale with Aiden.

Sami is apoplectic when she learns Eric and Nicole are going on a date. Sami warns her brother that Nicole will break his heart. Nicole fears Sami may be right.

Adrienne isn't thrilled when she learns Will and Sonny are getting married - she thinks they're too young. Adrienne leaves and has words with Sami, knowing she can't approve of the union. Meanwhile, Gabi returns home and she thinks the boys are going to yell at her about seeing Nick. While Will isn't happy about that, Sonny pushes past and breaks the news about their engagement. Earlier, Gabi agrees to a date with T. Nick overhears and schemes to put a stop to it.

A mysterious young man named Ben applies for a job at Club TBD. He later spies on Rafe and Jordan's celebration.