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Tuesday - 09/02/14

Brady confronts Kristen about her visit with John in the hospital. Kristen insists she just wants to make things right but he's not buying it. Marlena's arrival breaks a tense moment between them, and Brady leaves. Marlena then tears into Kristen, and the two enemies air their grievances against one another. Finally, Kristen reveals to Marlena that she's not here to hurt John - she's here to save him.

Earlier, Kayla explains to Eric and Marlena that since all the experts believe John's condition won't change, they will be transferring him to a long-term care facility later today. Marlena is crushed, knowing this essentially means there is no hope for him. Eric offers her support. Later, Kayla and Daniel both receive a mysterious email...

Earlier, Daniel and Nicole have a literal run-in, and for a second, Daniel thinks she's leaving town for a new job. Nicole corrects that she is not accepting the offer. Nicole then gets an idea and "accidentally" lets Eric know she has a job offer in another state. Her plan backfires, and Eric explodes when he realizes she was trying to manipulate him once again.

Anne comforts Theresa when she gets her annulment papers, then Theresa heads over to the Kiriakis mansion to leave Brady his copy. There, she runs into a shaken Brady (off his encounter with Kristen), who pulls her into a sudden kiss... which leads to lovemaking.

Sonny works hard to get Will to understand his motivations and correct his husband on his misperceptions. Will eventually relents to Sonny's emotional pleas, and the two reconcile - and celebrate by making love.

NEXT ON: Kristen makes a power move that sends ripples through Salem.

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Kristen stuns Marlena with a revelation.
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Days of our Lives
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Tuesday, September 2, 2014 - 13:00
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Days of our Lives



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Kristen stuns Marlena with a revelation.