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Tuesday - 08/26/14

After getting slapped, Sami shoves Abigail and snaps that she's still the same wimpy girl she was before she slept with EJ. However, Abigail fires back and threatens to call Shin and tell him Sami has been lying to him. Abigail agrees not to talk to the board - if Sami agrees that her revenge against Abigail is over. Later, Abigail surprises Ben with a goodnight kiss. Meanwhile, Sami assumes EJ wants back in her bed in exchange for his help with the company. But all EJ wants is another chance to win back her heart - and Sami reluctantly agrees. Earlier, EJ confronts Victor about his ownership of Truvista Magazine.

Will blasts Sonny for having Victor pull strings to get him the magazine gig. Sonny calls Will on how turned on he seemed over bringing down his mother and EJ. Will storms out and ends up getting advice from Marlena. Meanwhile, Sonny warns Victor that Will discovered the truth.

Daniel catches Kristen in John's room, and she asks for a chance to talk. Kristen snidely thanks him for bringing her back to Salem - things are working out for her better than she could have ever imagined.

Shaken off his encounter with Kristen, Brady briefly considers drinking but ultimately stays strong. He offers his support to Maggie regarding Abigail. Later, Brady rushes to John's side when Daniel tells him of Kristen's visit. As the two men try to figure out what she is up to, Kristen sends John's medical records to an unknown person.

NEXT ON: Theresa catches JJ and Paige in a compromising position.

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Abigail warns Sami she has the means to destroy her.
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Days of our Lives
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Tuesday, August 26, 2014 - 13:00
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Days of our Lives



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Abigail warns Sami she has the means to destroy her.