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Tuesday - 08/19/14

At the police station, Kristen waits to hear her fate as the grand jury hears witnesses. Fresh from testifying at the courthouse, Nicole arrives, finally getting her chance to confront her enemy. Kristen taunts Nicole about losing Eric. Kristen then goes to court but is told the grand jury has one more witness to hear. She turns and comes face-to-face... with Eric.

Daniel visits Brady, who is grateful Daniel has brought Kristen back to face justice - but Brady has no intention of seeing her. Victor vows he'll take care of Kristen in his own way if the courts do not. Privately, Daniel asks Maggie to help Jennifer with the Eve situation. Later, Daniel runs into Eric, surprised to hear he was given the opportunity to return to the priesthood, but declined. Meanwhile, Brady is tempted to drink.

Paige confronts Eve over using Theresa to undermine Paige's belief in JJ. Paige insists she's committed to JJ. Meanwhile, Marybeth gives JJ a hard time about Paige's decision to delay Stanford, questioning whether he's really changed or not. Even Rory has doubts. Later, JJ and Paige watch Parker together, and it's clear JJ's past still eats at him.

Jennifer meets with Aiden about her case when Maggie arrives with a proposal, offering to sweeten the deal so Eve will settle and drop the lawsuit. Jennifer's intrigued but has a mysterious rider she wants Aiden to attach to the proposal. Eve, already worried about losing and getting nothing, is presented with the deal by Jennifer: take it or leave it but it must be signed now.

Earlier, Hope confronts Aiden, wondering if he had been trying to make her believe he was dating Jennifer. Aiden admits he was worried Hope had developed feelings for him. She denies it and claims she thought he was the one who had feelings for her. They go their separate ways, both in denial.

Jennifer is surprised when Eric tells her he won't be returning to the priesthood. Later, he has more disturbing fantasies about Nicole, unable to eject her from his thoughts.

NEXT ON: Will's article is published - and all hell breaks loose.

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Nicole finally gets her chance to confront Kristen.

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Days of our Lives
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Tuesday, August 19, 2014 - 13:00
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Days of our Lives



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Nicole finally gets her chance to confront Kristen.