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Tuesday - 08/12/14

As the truck nears Salem, Kristen makes a final plea to Daniel. If he knows her presence hurts Brady then he needs to do the right thing and let her go. Daniel refuses. Kristen makes one last attempt to escape.

Jennifer turns to Hope for support regarding Sami's war against Abigail. Hope is curious about Jennifer's "date" with Aiden, but Sami interrupts when she rushes into the police station to execute her restraining order against EJ. Earlier, EJ pushes Sami to reconcile, but she holds fast.

Brady consoles Nicole about Eric, while Eric confides in Marlena about his decision not to return to the priesthood. Nicole later runs into mother and son, who greet her coolly. However, Eric saves Nicole from a purse snatcher, and he, Nicole and Marlena head to the station to file a report. At the station, they, along with Hope, Jennifer, Sami and EJ, witness Kristen's arrival - and all are stunned. Meanwhile, Brady goes to visit John and has a premonition of dread.

Sonny tries to talk to Will about his article, worried he might regret publishing it. Will is convinced his mother is getting what she deserves and that he can keep Abigail's identity a secret. Abigail shows up at the apartment and asks to take a peek at the story, but Will successfully deflects. Later, he hands in his story to Zoe, the editor.

NEXT ON: Kristen stuns all her enemies with her return to Salem.

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Hope questions Jennifer about her "date" with Aiden.
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Days of our Lives
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Tuesday, August 12, 2014 - 13:00
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Days of our Lives



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Hope questions Jennifer about her "date" with Aiden.