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Tuesday - 08/05/14

Eric weighs his feelings for Nicole and for God. Later, he heads out to meet with the cardinal and finds himself face-to-face with Nicole.

Jordan lays into Rafe - she's not sure if she can ever get over him sleeping with Kate. She makes a slip about Sami, which causes Rafe to realize his ex had something to do with the truth coming out. Meanwhile, Sami calls Kate out, yet again, on her feelings for Rafe. Later, Kate informs EJ he's lost yet another business that will take away vital cash flow. EJ darkens and warns that Kate has left him no choice. Kate then runs into Jordan, who goes on the attack.

Earlier, EJ tries to explain himself to Will and reiterates how much he loves Sami. It makes Will question the story he's been paid to write. Meanwhile, Sonny tries to convince Victor to call off his editor, but Victor suggests Sonny let the chips fall where they may. Sonny goes home and learns Will's having second thoughts. However, Adrienne then calls and reveals how Sami went off on her. Will decides it's full steam ahead.

Earlier, Adrienne tells Abigail she's furious about Sami causing Abigail to lose her job. Abigail is a good sport, but it's clear she's worried about her future. Afterwards, Adrienne visits Sami, who goes on the attack when Adrienne tries to defend Abigail. Sami then makes false accusations that Justin and Kayla had an affair. Meanwhile, Ben and Abigail share a warm kiss, until Abigail opens her eyes and is startled to see Clyde nearby.

NEXT ON: Jordan attacks Kate!

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Adrienne is stunned when a vicious Sami turns the table son her.
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Days of our Lives
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Tuesday, August 5, 2014 - 13:00
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Days of our Lives



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Adrienne is stunned when a vicious Sami turns the table son her.