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Tuesday - 07/29/14

A guilt-ridden Brady struggles over what he thinks he did to John. Marlena sees his pain and reconciles with him. Meanwhile, Eve presses Theresa about what really happened that night. Although Theresa admits nothing, she still agrees to donate blood for her sister's throat surgery to keep her quiet.

Kristen coolly demands Daniel tell her about Brady, but he refuses to give her any insight into his friend's life. Later, Brady calls Daniel's cell - and Kristen decides to pick up!

Sami meets with Anne and shares that she is taking EJ's seat on the hospital board. She's very interested in the disciplinary policies regarding inappropriate behavior. Later, Sami meets with Kayla and threatens to withhold a huge DiMera donation - unless she fires Abigail!

EJ tries to explain himself to Sonny but gets nowhere. Meanwhile, Abigail confides to Will that what she had with EJ was anything but love. Abigail is eager to put this all behind her, but Will cautions that his mom's fury may be never-ending. Later, Abigail runs into EJ while Will tells Sonny he's decided to use his article to let the whole world know just how much his mother is out of control.

NEXT ON: Daniel is horrified when he discovers Kristen's plan for Brady.

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Sami pressures Kayla to fire Abigail.

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Days of our Lives
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Tuesday, July 29, 2014 - 13:00
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Days of our Lives



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Sami pressures Kayla to fire Abigail.