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Tuesday - 07/22/14

Sami gets a shock when Marlena tells her about John's condition. Sensitive to her mom's distress, Sami holds back from telling her about EJ's infidelity. Meanwhile, EJ is outraged when he learns Kate has moved into the mansion. Sami returns home, and he makes another heartfelt attempt to get through to her. As things reach a fever pitch between them, Caroline arrives and interrupts. She gets Sami alone and asks if her granddaughter still loves EJ.

Nicole and Eric start to give into the sexual tension between them, but a phone call from the bishop interrupts. Eric recovers and stuffs his feelings. Nicole receives a news alert and tells Eric about John's condition. He races to the hospital to be with Marlena and Roman.

Jennifer comes upon Eve and Daniel in a fun, lighthearted moment and can't help but see history repeating itself in the worst possible way. She charges up to confront Eve, and Daniel's taken aback. Jennifer has trouble believing Daniel didn't know how Eve was connected to Jennifer, and it leads to an all-out airing of grievances from both of them. Daniel leaves and runs into Eve, letting her know he thinks she's been deceiving him.

JJ worries what Paige thinks of him now that she's learned more about his past actions with Theresa. Paige has to admit she's wondering if she knows him as well as she thought she did. Once she's gone, he runs into Eve, fresh off her fight with Jennifer. She admits even though the tension is ratcheting up with Jennifer, she likes JJ and doesn't want to ruin his relationship with Paige. Later, Paige returns to JJ, and they agree to get together later.

NEXT ON: Jennifer blasts EJ over his affair with her daughter.

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EJ is outraged when he learns Kate has moved into the mansion.
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Days of our Lives
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Tuesday, July 22, 2014 - 13:00
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Days of our Lives



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EJ is outraged when he learns Kate has moved into the mansion.