Sami makes a big, game-changing move.
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Tuesday - 07/08/14

Season 49
Episode 12374
Air Date 07/08/14

Sami makes a big, game-changing move.

EJ turns down Nicole’s offer, unwilling to play into her personal agenda. After she leaves, EJ summons Abigail, who tells him she will no longer lie for him. Earlier, Abigail insists to Ben that she doesn’t care about EJ.

Clyde watches Rafe and Jordan share a kiss. He accidentally steps on a twig and is almost caught but Caroline interrupts to ask Rafe about EJ. Later, Jordan visits Ben and tells him she is definitely going to come clean with Rafe about her past. After spying on Ben at the club, Clyde breaks into Jordan’s apartment.

John is crushed when he realizes Brady doesn’t want to work on their relationship; instead, he wants his father to move back to Europe. John balks, especially after Brady lets it slip that he is abusing drugs again. Brady lashes out at John, blaming his addiction on his father. Henderson arrives in time to hear Brady warn John to stay away from him - or he’ll be sorry. Brady later meets up with Theresa who, off her conversation with Eric, hesitates when he wants to get high. But Brady reels her in with the promise of an exciting adventure.

Earlier, Eric’s talk with Theresa gives him insight into Nicole. But it’s not enough for him to reconcile with her and he later turns his back on Nicole.

NEXT ON: Clyde breaks into Jordan's apartment.