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Tuesday - 06/24/14

Abigail falls in EJ's arms and is unnerved by their physical contact. She rushes out, passing arriving Will and Sonny. Will goes after his cousin and she admits this wedding is causing her a lot of stress. Abigail goes home and tells Jennifer and JJ she must cancel on the family dinner. She reveals she is Sami's maid of honor and is helping to plan the wedding. JJ privately questions his sister's decision.

Jennifer throws the dinner party for JJ and is stunned when Eve shows up on her doorstep!

EJ asks Will to be his best man. EJ then tracks down Abigail and warns she can't keep freaking out.

Sami tells Kate she thinks no matter what happens with Jordan, Rafe is never going to want Kate back. At the same time, Jordan reaches out to Rafe, and he urges her to tell him all of her secrets. But despite everything, she just can't.

NEXT ON: Theresa figures out the key to keeping Brady by her side.

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EJ chooses a best man.
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Days of our Lives
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Tuesday, June 24, 2014 - 13:00
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Days of our Lives



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EJ chooses a best man.