Marlena lays into Sami and Kate over what they did to Nick.
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Tuesday - 06/10/14

Season 49
Episode 12354
Air Date 06/10/14

Eric and Jennifer discuss his situation with Nicole, and it's not clear what he's going to do. Meanwhile, Nicole attacks Daniel. She vows she'll never forgive him. Daniel seeks out Jennifer, trying to understand why she went to Eric before Daniel could give Nicole another chance to come clean. Jennifer doesn't believe Nicole ever would have told the truth... and questions whether Daniel would have ultimately forced her. Meanwhile, Nicole pleads with Eric, but he wants her to take off his engagement ring. Nicole refuses.

Marlena lays into Sami and Kate. Later, EJ encounters Kate and figures out she visited Stefano. He worries she is softening towards his father and warns that is a mistake. Kate retorts that EJ is the one making a mistake by getting back together with Sami.

Despite Hope's protests, Julie confronts Nick's killer.

Paige gets JJ to stop fighting with Cole and takes him home. They end up in a kiss, which starts to grow in passion. Meanwhile, Cole informs Bev that her plan of planting drugs on Paige didn't work. Bev vows she'll find another way to break up Paige and JJ.

NEXT ON: Jennifer makes an admission that deeply wounds Daniel.