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Tuesday - 05/27/14

Daniel and Eric talk at cross-purposes: Daniel thinks his friend now knows that Nicole destroyed the Chyka proof, while Eric thinks Daniel is confirming that he's in love with Nicole. Before they can straighten things out, Roman demands to talk to Eric privately and gives his negative opinion about his son's upcoming marriage to Nicole. Meanwhile, Daniel goes to Nicole, who realizes he still thinks she told Eric the truth. She says goodbye in a somewhat final way, which twigs Daniel a bit before he goes into surgery. Then Eric calls Nicole, and when they meet up, he agrees to her plan to elope!

Lucas swears he's innocent and tells Hope he doesn't need a lawyer. The police let Lucas go, with a warning.

Sami and EJ agree to postpone their wedding. EJ tells Will the police are questioning Lucas. Will then goes to Hope to make a confession. Meanwhile, Victor offers Sonny a new lucrative job - overseas. Hope arrives with a search warrant for the mansion and finds the gun. Victor privately warns Sonny the next time he plans to kill a man, come to him first!

Earlier, Nicole and Brady exchange some harsh words about his drinking. Later, Brady stops by Theresa's place, and they fool around. Theresa tries to tempt Brady with an offer to procure some cocaine.

JJ and Paige study for finals but Bev and Rory show up, and Bev manages to mess with Paige's head with a well-placed STD test.

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Hope arrives at the Kiriakis mansion with a search warrant.
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Days of our Lives
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Tuesday, May 27, 2014 - 13:00
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Days of our Lives



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Hope arrives at the Kiriakis mansion with a search warrant.