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Tuesday - 05/20/14

Jennifer asks Daniel what's going on with him and Nicole. Daniel, not wanting to explain until Nicole has told Eric the truth, assures her it's no big deal and promises he will fill in Jennifer later. Jennifer seems to accept this, but she later confides to Hope that she's worried Nicole has put Daniel in awkward spot. Meanwhile, Daniel is not happy that Nicole isn't returning his texts, and he finally confronts her in person. He's stunned to learn she hasn't told Eric the truth. Nicole begs him to let it go, but when Eric shows up, Daniel tells Nicole either she tells Eric the truth or he will.

Earlier, Nicole sees Brady drinking with Theresa, and she tries to use this information to buy time with Daniel. At the same time, Eric informs Marlena that he and Nicole are engaged and are going to be married soon. She's not thrilled, but tries to bite her tongue. Later, John runs into Marlena, who rebuffs his overtures.

At Theresa's apartment, Brady wakes up hung over and angry with himself. He receives a call from John, which propels him to have mid-morning drinks with Theresa. Later, Brady goes home and is confronted by his father.

Earlier, JJ goes to Daniel for some advice, explaining how he shut down with Paige after running into Theresa. Daniel encourages him to forget about Theresa. At the same time, Paige decides to seek out JJ and finds Jennifer instead. Jennifer defends her son and suggests Paige give JJ a little space. Paige leaves and runs into JJ, who tries to explain why he shut down. They end up sharing a kiss, that unbeknownst to them, is witnessed by Theresa.

Aiden pulls Hope's focus from Nick's case to focus on the St. Luke's gala, and she learns he's attempted some unethical things to get the ballroom back from Mr. Howell. Disapproving, Hope is relieved when it blows up in Aiden's face.

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John's actions push Brady toward Theresa.
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Days of our Lives
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Tuesday, May 20, 2014 - 13:00
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Days of our Lives



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John's actions push Brady towards Theresa.