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Tuesday - 05/13/14

Daniel's still rocked by the realization that Nicole had proof that could've reinstated Eric as a priest. However, he turns his attention to Jennifer and Maggie to comfort them about Nick. Meanwhile, Nicole is overly defensive with Marlena, who suspects she feels guilty about something. After sharing a nice moment with Eric, Nicole meets up with Daniel to tell him about her engagement - but Daniel has something else he wants to talk about.

Sami is so guilt-ridden about Nick that she almost spills to Eric. Marlena comes over, and Sami assures her mom she's fine. While Sami exits the room, Marlena listens to a message from Nick on her speakerphone. Sami returns in time to hear Nick's voice and drops a tray, shattering everything.

Theresa learns from Anne that Hope was at the hospital, asking about how Daniel's apartment key might have been copied. Anne totally covered for her friend, so Theresa's home free. After Brady speaks with Maggie, he runs into Theresa, who wants to hang out. Brady declines and tells Theresa since they've been apart, he's been rethinking things...

JJ questions Abigail, getting the feeling there's more on her mind than just Nick. JJ and Paige go off to give Jennifer and Abigail some time alone. The teens bond and end up in a kiss.

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Marlena makes a startling discovery.

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Days of our Lives
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Tuesday, May 13, 2014 - 13:00
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Days of our Lives



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Marlena makes a startling discovery.