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Tuesday - 04/08/14

Rafe searches for information on Ben but gets no results. At the same time, Jordan warns her brother their past needs to remain a secret. When she meets up with Rafe, she senses he's bothered by something.

As Kate continues to dig for dirt on Jordan, Lucas and Sheryl end up in bed. Post-lovemaking, Sheryl is stunned when she hears Kate leave an incriminating message on Lucas' machine...

Earlier, EJ tries to play cupid between Kate and Stefano, but Kate shoots him down. Sami shows her appreciation for EJ.

Abigail runs into Paige - literally - and after they bond, Abigail invites her back to her house, where JJ is thinking of Paige. The two teens have an awkward moment but then JJ asks Paige out. Meanwhile, Abigail meets Ben, who makes it no secret he finds her attractive.

Earlier, JJ gets a visit from Aiden with the good news that his community service can be moved to the hospital. When JJ protests, Aiden intuits that a girl's involved and happily withdraws his offer. Meanwhile, Caroline presses Hope to work with Aiden on the school's fundraising. Later, Hope sees Aiden in a hushed conversation with Chase - and the lawyer catches her eavesdropping.

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Lucas and Sheryl finally give in to their feelings.
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Tuesday, April 8, 2014 - 13:00
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Days of our Lives



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Lucas and Sheryl finally give in to their feelings.