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Tuesday - 04/01/14

Will and Gabi put aside their tension over Nick as Will prepares for his wedding to Sonny. Eric drops by, and he shares a warm moment with his nephew. Meanwhile, Sonny gets ready at the Kiriakis mansion and has a sweet moment with Adrienne. Sonny realizes he's left his cuff links back at the apartment, and Gabi delivers them - walking in on a phone call that gets her incensed.

A panicked Marlena seeks help from Sami and EJ - her online certification to perform the wedding hasn't arrived as promised. EJ assures he'll handle it.

Caroline fears she won't remember what to say when she gives her speech at the wedding. Kayla's heart breaks for her mother, and she comes up with a way for Caroline to get through it.

Maggie and Kate are both proud when Victor tells off a business associate who opposes the idea of gay marriage.

Rafe tells Ben he cares for Jordan and won't stand by when someone makes things hard for her - and that includes her brother. Annoyed, Ben assures Rafe he'd never harm any woman, especially his sister. Later, Rafe goes to the hospital to pick up Jordan for the wedding and is blown away by how beautiful she looks. Abe is similarly wowed by his date, Maxine.

JJ and Abigail work on a secret project for the wedding. Jennifer has a brief moment alone with Abigail, noting she seems a little better these days. Abigail, thinking of EJ, admits she was in a rough patch but things are looking up. Later, she briefly meets Ben, who is instantly smitten with her.

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Marlena turns to EJ and Sami to help her out of a crisis.
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Days of our Lives
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Tuesday, April 1, 2014 - 13:00
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Days of our Lives



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Marlena turns to EJ and Sami to help her out of a crisis.