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Tuesday - 03/25/14

Marlena is touched when Will and Sonny ask her to officiate at their wedding. She agrees to go online and get certified. She later runs into Kate and shares the news. Kate tries to stuff her jealousy.

Gabi listens to EJ's advice as Nick eavesdrops. Nick decides to give Gabi a little room so she'll want him even more. When, Sonny arrives home, Gabi suggests he and Will invite Nick to their wedding. Meanwhile, Will runs into Nick at Club TBD. Nick "nicely" congratulates him on his commitment to Sonny and compares it to his marriage to Gabi. Things get tense when Will opines that Nick and Gabi's marriage was a sham, and Nick retorts that he knows Gabi a hell of a lot better than Will knows Sonny.

Abigail runs into EJ and blasts him. She then warns Gabi about taking any advice from him.

Sami tells Kate she saw Ben and Jordan together and sent Rafe in their direction. Kate is delighted, and Sami calls her on it. They exchange words and EJ arrives in time to intercede. Kate tells EJ his fiancée doesn't seem to be over her ex-husband and storms off. Sami assures EJ it's not true but it's clear he's bothered.

Jordan breaks up the fight between Rafe and Ben, then reveals that Ben is her brother. Alone, she apologizes to Rafe and promises to one day tell him everything about her past. Rafe is not thrilled, but Jordan assures him of her feelings.

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Kate stirs up trouble for Sami and EJ.
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Days of our Lives
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Tuesday, March 25, 2014 - 13:00
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Days of our Lives



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Kate stirs up trouble for Sami and EJ.