EJ and Abigail meet with a private doctor to determine if she's pregnant.
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Tuesday - 03/18/14

Season 49
Episode 12297
Air Date 03/18/14

EJ shoots down Abigail's idea of putting up their baby for adoption. He insists he must be a part of his child's life - no matter what the consequences. He then convinces Abigail to get a pregnancy test from his private doctor. As they wait anxiously for the results, EJ provides Abigail with much needed support. Later, the doctor returns with the test results...

Meanwhile, Sami informs Lucas that she and EJ have picked a wedding date. Lucas tries to be happy for her but fears EJ will eventually hurt her. They bond over their past and assure they just want the other to be happy.

Jennifer confronts Theresa, demanding to know if she sent around the Photoshopped picture. Theresa denies all. Daniel checks in with Jennifer after finding out about the photo. They both suspect Theresa but Jennifer urges Daniel to let her fight her own battles. However, Daniel can't help himself when he later runs into Theresa and warns her not to mess with Jennifer or her family. Liam overhears all this and later approaches Theresa, saying they should get to know each other better.

JJ and Paige start to thaw. But talking with Rory, JJ realizes Paige would never go for him, and he ends up lashing out at his crush. Later, Rory and Bev play a prank on JJ, sending Paige a friend request - which she instantly realizes is insincere.

John tries to reach out to a drunk Brady but gets rejected. Brady runs into Aiden, who voices strong disapproval over his inebriated state. Arriving Hope is put off by Aiden's judgmental views, and they end up fighting. Hope and Aiden separately cancel on Daniel and Jennifer's dinner.