Rafe pulls out all the romantic stops to prevent Jordan from leaving town.
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Tuesday - 03/11/14

Season 49
Episode 12292
Air Date 03/11/14

EJ is rocked when Sami tells him that Abigail is pregnant. Stuffing down panic - and guilt - EJ gets a message to Abigail to meet privately. Meanwhile, Abigail covers with Will about not wanting to be in his and Sonny's wedding (knowing EJ will be there). When she and EJ finally meet up, EJ's hugely affected. It gets tense but he makes her understand they're in this together. He talks her out of relying on a store-bought test and asks her to go with him to a doctor tomorrow. Grateful Abigail agrees. Meanwhile, Sami meets up with Will to discuss the wedding, unaware there's a bump in the road.

Sonny walks in on a close moment between Nick and Gabi. After a brief confrontation with Nick, Sonny leaves and confides his mistrust of Nick to Victor. Victor tells his nephew to come to him if he needs help handling Nick in the future.

Earlier, Victor runs into Rafe who is burning the candle at both ends to arrange something special for Jordan. Later, Jordan meets with Rafe in the town square - which, to her surprise, he's transformed into a romantic setting. They have a special meal and then music begins as Rafe reminds her he promised that once she healed him, they'd dance. They do and she's swept up. It leads to a passionate, loving kiss... but at the end of the night, Jordan still says goodbye, intending to leave Salem forever.

JJ's thrilled when he meets up with Paige while doing community service. While trying to impress her, he accidentally puts his foot in his mouth. Abe shows up and makes it a little worse by mentioning JJ's probation in front of her. Paige leaves and later JJ, definitely interested, tries to figure out a way to engineer another encounter with her.