Sami is thrown when Johnny claims that Abigail loves Rafe.
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Tuesday - 03/04/14

Season 49
Episode 12287
Air Date 03/04/14

After speaking with Johnny, a curious Sami asks when Abigail developed feelings for Rafe. Abigail realizes Johnny overheard her and EJ talking about Raphael the painter. Sami, knowing nothing about art, suggests Abigail secretly teach her a few things, so Sami can impress EJ on their honeymoon. Abigail reluctantly agrees.

Later, Sami tells EJ about Nick's threat to give Kate information about their summer line if they don't hire Gabi as the face of their new campaign. They agree they don't have a problem hiring Gabi, but Sami worries what Nick will want next. Sami offers the job to Gabi, who eagerly accepts. Sami's upset when she realizes Gabi already knew because she talked to Nick. Meanwhile, EJ confronts Nick about so blatantly going after Gabi again.

Earlier, Rafe confides his worries about Jordan to Gabi. They are interrupted by Nick, who arrives at the pub for his breakfast with Gabi. Things get chilly between Nick and Rafe, so Nick later meets Gabi at her place to tell her about his "suggestion" to Sami. He urges her to take the job. Meanwhile, Rafe meets up with Jordan (after she has yet another intense encounter with Ben). He asks why she's so distant, and she blurts that she's leaving Salem.

T tells Ben that he got the job at Club TBD.

Kate learns from Sheryl that Jordan once refused to go to the Ozarks. Kate immediately gets on the phone with Ortiz, demanding that he find out why. After she hangs up, she comes face-to-face with a livid Lucas.

Brady and Theresa continue to bond as Theresa's interest in him privately expands to include his money. She tries to offer him coke, but Brady manages to say no; and she swears she'll never mention the drug again. Later, as things heat up, Theresa leaves the room to make a call and Brady answers her door to... John!