Sami and EJ set a wedding date.
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Tuesday - 02/25/14

Season 49
Episode 12282
Air Date 02/25/14

A guilt-ridden Nicole tries to correct her mistake - but almost ends up exposing it instead when Brady nearly catches her in the act. Later, Nicole returns to the apartment, interrupting Daniel and Jennifer's passionate kiss. Jennifer leaves; and Nicole wants to tell Daniel about her crisis of conscience, but before she can confess, Eric arrives.

Earlier, Eric fiercely defends Nicole to Theresa. Later, Daniel tells Theresa he and Jennifer are back together. He will destroy her if she does anything to Jennifer or her family.

Sami makes it clear to EJ that she's not lumping EJ in with Stefano and Kristen. She will not let anyone come between them again. They make love and plan a May wedding. Meanwhile, Abigail assures JJ it's over with her older man. JJ then tells his sister the truth about the night Theresa overdosed. Later, Daniel thanks JJ while Abigail assures Jennifer she's fine.

Brady accuses Maggie and Victor of having him followed. He won't stand for their treating him like a child. Victor blasts him and Maggie privately asks Victor if Brady's suspicions are true. Victor denies it, but later makes a mysterious call. Meanwhile, Brady contacts Theresa, and they plan to get together later.