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Thursday - 09/04/14

Eric is stunned and upset when Marlena tells him that Stefano has a cure for John but he will only hand it over if Eric agrees not to testify against Kristen. Eric, feeling he has lost so much already, refuses and rushes out. At the church gardens, he runs into Brady, who is unaware of Kristen's machinations. Brady makes a huge, emotional apology to his brother for the way he treated him. Eric later calls Kristen, telling her they need to talk. Meanwhile, a tearful Marlena visits John, agonized over her request to Eric.

Earlier, Daniel is alarmed when Brady admits he slept with Theresa but assures it was a one-time thing. Meanwhile, Kristen confronts Theresa about Brady - warning her to stay away. Theresa is not intimidated and later tells Anne she plans to use Kristen's threat to get closer to Brady. At the same time, Kristen goes to Daniel to find out more about Theresa and realizes he hates the young woman. She makes a pointed comment to Daniel before she goes, which prompts him to give Jennifer a call and make a tentative coffee date.

Earlier, Hope tries to talk Jennifer into starting something with Aiden but Jennifer insists she's still not over Daniel. A tipsy Aiden overhears all this, and once Jennifer leaves, he confronts Hope. Things get a little contentious, but Aiden ends up pulling Hope into a surprising kiss.

Sami is horrified when she sees Stefano's portrait back up in the mansion. She accuses EJ of working with his father but he insists he is on Sami's side. He later learns Stefano has contacted board members about a possible emergency board meeting in the event that he is allowed to return to Salem. Sami realizes he plans to oust her and Kate. EJ promises to stand by her side.

NEXT ON: Eric gives Kristen his answer.

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Aiden throws caution to the wind with Hope.
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Days of our Lives
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Thursday, September 4, 2014 - 13:00
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Days of our Lives



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Aiden throws caution to the wind with Hope.