EJ rips into Sami for once again going after Abigail.

Thursday - 08/21/14

Season 49
Episode 12405
Air Date 08/21/14

Sonny's upset Will named Abigail in his article, but Will insists he didn't do it. He realizes it was Sami's doing. He's upset Sonny thought he might have done such a thing, but eventually they make up. Later, EJ arrives to talk to Will, and Sonny confronts Sami.

Abigail tells Jennifer and JJ what happened, and they are supportive. Abigail receives some disturbing social media posts, and Jennifer asks Ben to take her daughter away from an intrusive reporter. Later, JJ blasts Will for the story.

Sami claims to EJ that she tried to stop the magazine from publishing the article and assures him she convinced the board there's nothing to worry about. When EJ expresses sympathy for "poor" Abigail, Sami unloads on him.

Lucas encounters Jordan after seeing Sheryl in Houston (which didn't go well). Lucas learns Jordan and Rafe split because Rafe slept with Kate again. Lucas unloads on Kate, who doubts Jordan and Rafe will be able to get past this. Kate diverts Lucas by telling him about the magazine article Will wrote.

Ben apologizes to Rafe for punching him. Rafe asks Ben about his father, wondering what about Clyde makes Jordan shut down. Later, Jordan tells Ben about the Abigail article, and he goes to assure Abigail he'll be there for her. Clyde tries to persuade Jordan they can get through what happened in the past, but Jordan says that will never happen.

Clyde asks Kate for recommendations for some "discreet" people who might help him out in an unspecified but clearly shady business. He hints he might clue Rafe in that she's the one who brought him to town if she doesn't cooperate.

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