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Thursday - 08/14/14

When Brady learns Kristen is back, he angrily rushes to the station to confront her. Marlena talks him down, making him realize he would be giving Kristen what she wants. Meanwhile, Kristen calls Stefano and asks for help. She vows EJ will pay for turning his back on her.

EJ convinces Sami he's done with Kristen. Sami warns EJ he's on thin ice. After EJ sings Sami's praises to a board member, he tries to warn Sami that she and Kate are playing with fire when it comes to Stefano. But Sami rushes out, leaving EJ to give this warning to an unreceptive Kate.

Will and Sonny celebrate the impending publication of Will's article. At the same time, Zoe hands Sami a copy to read.

Kate "comforts" Rafe, assuring him she wants only the best for him and Jordan. Meanwhile, Jordan confides in Ben, who advises her to talk to Rafe. Later, Jordan and Rafe run into each other, and it appears as if Jordan might give Rafe another chance. Meanwhile, Clyde hints to Kate that he knows her intentions have been less than honorable regarding Jordan and Rafe.

Earlier, Clyde corners Abigail and tells her he is at fault for the anger his children have towards him. As his plan to do business in Salem starts to take shape, Abigail tells Ben about her conversation with his father - and Ben flares.

NEXT ON: Clyde makes a deal with Ben.

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Sonny feels guilty about the secret he's keeping from Will.
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Days of our Lives
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Thursday, August 14, 2014 - 13:00
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Days of our Lives



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Sonny feels guilty about the secret he's keeping from Will.