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Thursday - 08/07/14

Eric admits to the cardinal that while he desperately wants to be a priest again, he knows that's not possible when he harbors such hatred and lust for Nicole. Later, he runs into Nicole and angrily reveals he is not going back into the priesthood.

EJ is hopeful when he overhears Sami telling Kate she's having doubts about her anger towards EJ. But before he can walk in and capitalize on her softening feelings, he's called away. During that time, Kate reminds Sami that EJ will betray her time and again should she forgive him. Later, EJ is surprised and disappointed when his overture is rebuffed by Sami. He then meets with a new contact about expanding his shady business.

Ben physically attacks Rafe for hurting Jordan. Abigail and Jordan manage to break things up, and Jordan takes Rafe to the pub to tend to his injuries. He tries to explain his actions, but Jordan gets angry when he defends Kate. She storms out, leaving a heartbroken Rafe behind. Meanwhile, Ben admits to Abigail that Clyde used to beat his mom and Jordan. He's worried he'll end up like his father but Abigail assures him he's different.

Aiden informs Jennifer that there will be a ruling on the summary judgment today. In court, the judge rejects the filing - but warns Eve her case may not hold up during trial. A worried Eve returns home to Paige, who thinks she has an idea of how to solve their money problems. Meanwhile, JJ blurts to Jennifer that he loves Paige. Earlier, off a conversation with Eve, Paige makes JJ promise never to lie to her.

NEXT ON: Kristen makes an emotional confession to Daniel.

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Eric makes a huge decision about his future.
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Days of our Lives
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Thursday, August 7, 2014 - 13:00
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Days of our Lives



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Eric makes a huge decision about his future.