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Thursday - 07/31/14

Kristen's intent on messaging Brady using Daniel's phone to lure him to St. Louis. However, Daniel undermines her confidence in the ruse, and she resorts to Plan B. She leaves him with her thug, who is all too happy to use force to get Daniel to cooperate. However, Daniel manages to get the upper hand - and quickly turns the tables on Kristen.

EJ is rocked to learn Kate sold two important companies to Victor. He realizes how far Kate and Sami are willing to take their revenge, and Victor relishes seeing his rival suffer.

Abigail confronts Sami over getting her fired and twists the knife regarding EJ sleeping with her. Sami is hit and things get physical. Abigail warns she will go through with writing a resignation letter, but after that, she and Sami are done. If Sami tries anything further, Abigail will go after her, full throttle. When EJ returns home, he tries to talk sense into his wife over what she's doing to the company. Sami, wounded from Abigail's visit, doubles down, intent on seeing her revenge through.

Meanwhile, Abigail gives an update to Ben, who is supportive. Kate interrupts and takes a dig at Ben.

Earlier, Will gets Kate to open up about how she and Sami managed to dupe EJ and Stefano. Kate's happy to fill him in but is unaware her grandson is collecting information for his article. Later, he tells Sonny that his mom and EJ are going to get exactly what they deserve.

Jordan attempts to pay off Clyde to get him to leave Salem and forget about her and Ben. But while Clyde accepts the check, he warns it doesn't begin to pay him back for what she owes him. He threatens to let her new friends learn exactly what she did - and that's when Rafe arrives.

NEXT ON: Daniel turns the tables on Kristen!

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Abigail and Sami have a major standoff!
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Days of our Lives
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Thursday, July 31, 2014 - 13:00
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Days of our Lives



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Abigail and Sami have a major standoff!