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Thursday - 07/10/14

Sami and EJ have a major confrontation. Later, Sami pays a visit to Jennifer and Abigail. Earlier, Ben wonders what is troubling Abigail.

Jennifer’s encounter with Eve goes from bad to worse when Eve starts making even bigger demands on the money that will be generated from Jack’s book. Jennifer’s taken aback. She was willing to meet Eve halfway, knowing that would help JJ and Paige. But now Jennifer puts her foot down, and it ends on an ugly note. Jennifer tells JJ things with Eve are deteriorating. Meanwhile, Eve insists Paige stay away from JJ, dropping the bomb that after Theresa overdosed, JJ was involved in entrapping Theresa into committing a crime. Paige is shaken and when JJ later calls her, she’s too upset to talk. JJ charges over and confronts Eve.

Hope and Aiden are in countdown mode for the big fundraising gala tonight. Victor swings by, angry that Brady has pulled yet another disappearing act. Later, Father Louis comes by with a minor emergency but Hope and Aiden already have it handled. They both realize the end of this project is in sight and they get a touch wistful about their partnership. Later, when they both arrive, each changed and looking like a million dollars, they spot one another, and there’s a charged romantic feeling in the air.

In Las Vegas, Brady and Theresa drink and gamble to great excess - and Brady eventually passes out.

NEXT ON: Sparks fly when Aiden and Hope share a romantic dance.

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Thursday, July 10, 2014 - 13:00
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Days of our Lives



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Sami and EJ have a major confrontation.