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Thursday - 06/26/14

Eve drops a bomb on Jennifer - when she gave Jack an annulment, they signed a document stating she gets half of whatever earnings he made from long-form writing, such as his book on Afghanistan. Jennifer points out the proceeds are going to the vets, but Eve still demands her half. As the old rivals argue, JJ and Paige return, astonished by the intense scene.

Earlier, JJ and Paige start to fight when Rory and Bev arrive and end up reminding JJ how much Paige means to him.

An upset Jordan tells Ben that Rafe demanded she tell him about her secret. To her surprise, Ben thinks she should do it - it's worth the risk if Rafe truly makes her happy. Later, Ben runs into Rafe and urges him to give his sister a chance. Meanwhile, Jordan runs into Kate, who messes with her head. Later, Rafe meets with Jordan and admits he misses her like crazy and vows they will find a way to work things out. He then pulls her into a kiss. At the same time, Kate gets word from Ortiz that he has a lead on Jordan - someone recognized the photo of Ben Rogers. He tells her to fly down to the Ozarks. Earlier, Kate and Maggie have a scratchy encounter, while Abe hopes Rafe can work things out with Jordan.

While Anne points out to Theresa that marrying Brady will be a long shot, Brady attends a meeting. However, it doesn't resonate with him like it used to, and when he finds John arguing with Theresa, he blasts his father and gets drunk once again with Theresa. Earlier, John overhears Maggie leaving a message for Brady and learns his son went to a meeting. He leaves feeling hopeful...

NEXT ON: Daniel blasts Nicole for not helping Eric.

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Eve drops a bomb on Jennifer concerning Jack!
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Days of our Lives
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Thursday, June 26, 2014 - 13:00
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Days of our Lives



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Eve drops a bomb on Jennifer concerning Jack!