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Thursday - 06/19/14

Victor summons Kate and fires her for taking back up with Stefano and for letting company secrets slip to the competition. Kate protests but Victor kicks her out. She goes in a huff. Meanwhile, EJ and Abigail work to keep their secret from Sami. An angry Kate arrives and confronts Sami about what happened with Victor, accusing her of setting her up. Sami denies it but angry words are exchanged and a food fight breaks out. Kate assures EJ and Sami she will tell Stefano they can't be trusted.

Daniel welcomes a new patient, Eve, who wants him to perform elective throat surgery. She lived in Salem at one time and now that she's back, she's interested in picking up her singing career once more. Laboring to put his issues with Jennifer out of his mind, Daniel is happy to be of help.

At the same time, JJ is worried about Jennifer's future with Daniel, but she asks him to put it aside for now. They find her old yearbook and he learns a little more about the high school boyfriend she lost to a rival. Once JJ leaves, Victor arrives and reacts with disgust when he sees the picture of that "rival": Eve Donovan!

An angry Nicole lashes out at Marlena, insisting she won't help Eric when the church reviews his case. This gets out of control quickly as the women hurl insults, and Eric intervenes. Marlena tells Eric what Nicole said, then leaves them to hash it out. Nicole tries to take back what she said. In the heat of the moment, Eric lashes out, letting her know just how much she hurt him. Stung by her encounter with Eric, when Nicole later gets a call from the bishop's office, she explains she's not interested in helping.

NEXT ON: JJ gets a surprise when he goes looking for Paige.

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A major confrontation takes place at the DiMera mansion!
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Days of our Lives
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Thursday, June 19, 2014 - 13:00
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Days of our Lives



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A major confrontation takes place at the DiMera mansion!