Gabi shares a tearful farewell with Rafe, Will and Sonny.
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Thursday - 06/12/14

Season 49
Episode 12356
Air Date 06/12/14

Gabi shares a tearful farewell with Rafe, Will and Sonny before leaving to start a new life.

Jordan catches Sami and Kate arguing in the square. Once Sami leaves, Jordan demands to know if Kate told Sami about her fake IDs. Kate insists she did not, and Jordan is left to wonder why Sami's so angry with her. Later, she visits Ben, who encourages her to be there for Rafe even though he seems to be pushing her away.

Brady wakes up with a bad hangover and realizes he had another blackout while partying with Theresa. He vows he cannot keep going on this way. Victor drops by and gets into it with Theresa before laying into Brady about his behavior. It ends badly, and Brady later decides to take another hit with Theresa.

Victor offers his help to Will and Sonny. After visiting with Brady, Victor runs into Kate and warns her about getting back together with Stefano.

NEXT ON: Will realizes Sonny has been keeping a secret from him.