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Thursday - 05/29/14

Eric arrives at Nicole's, ready to elope. Nicole has to dance as fast as she can to keep Eric and Daniel from talking - and to keep from her lie being exposed. Later, Eric goes to see Jennifer and resigns from the job she got him at the hospital. At the square, Nicole makes plans for the elopement, unaware that JJ overhears. JJ tells Daniel and Jennifer separately - and they react, surprised. Daniel arrives at Nicole's door... positively livid.

Gabi visits with Rafe and Jordan, who both notice how much happier and freer she appears and she admits that as horrible as it all is, things are better now that Nick is out of her life. Sonny comes home, giving Gabi a shock when he tells her about Will's confession.

Hope and Abe attempt to piece everything together regarding Nick's murder. EJ and Sami arrive at the station and try to talk some sense into Will.

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JJ unwittingly plays a part in Nicole's downfall.
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Days of our Lives
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Thursday, May 29, 2014 - 13:00
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Days of our Lives



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JJ unwittingly plays a part in Nicole's downfall.