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Thursday - 05/22/14

Nicole urges Eric to elope, and it looks like he might buy into her reasons. However, when he suggests Daniel and Jennifer go with them, Nicole freaks. She tells him she doesn't want anybody to know they're getting married. Eric reacts to this and senses she's hiding something. Nicole then comes up with a whopper of a lie - that Daniel is in love with her!

Daniel and Jennifer have lunch with Abe and Maxine. Daniel gets a moment alone with Maxine and asks for her advice about how he's handling a situation with a friend (he doesn't mention Nicole by name). At the same time, Abe gives Jennifer advice about not pushing Daniel to reveal what he's hiding.

Kate gets Lucas to admit he took her gun and that he wanted to kill Nick. Kate thinks Lucas needs to flee, but he swears he's innocent. Later, Hope has more questions for Lucas, and Kate runs into EJ, who calls her on her love for Stefano's gifts.

Earlier, EJ gives Rafe a copy of Gabi and Will's custody agreement to peruse. Rafe is suspicious, but it seems the enemies are able to agree on this one thing. Rafe finds Jordan, who is worried about Ben being questioned by Hope.

Abigail apologizes to Ben for inadvertently roping him into the Nick mess, but he assures her it's fine. Abigail then meets with EJ, who admits he did hire a man to kill Nick.

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Nicole tells Eric an outrageous lie.
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Days of our Lives
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Thursday, May 22, 2014 - 13:00
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Days of our Lives



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Nicole tells Eric an outrageous lie.