Daniel puts all the pieces together and comes to a reluctant conclusion.
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Thursday - 05/08/14

Season 49
Episode 12334
Air Date 05/08/14

Nicole and Eric are full of bliss, anticipating telling the world about their engagement - but in contrast to their joy, Daniel's made a disquieting discovery out on Smith Island. Later, Nicole and Eric catch up with Jennifer at her home and she's overjoyed to hear their news. Meanwhile, Daniel puts all the pieces together and comes to a reluctant conclusion.

Rafe breaks up the fight between Will and Nick. Rafe warns Will about playing into Nick's hands. Returning home, Will is stunned to find what Sonny is hiding. Meanwhile, Ben happens upon an upset Abigail. He asks what's wrong and she covers, but Ben thinks he has a good idea what's bothering her.

Gabi and Abigail express concern about Jordan leaving town. Jordan takes off, and Abigail and Gabi admit they both have problems with Nick. Meanwhile, Rafe learns from Ben that Jordan is making plans to leave town and he tracks her down to confront her.

JJ and Paige come together in a kiss and things heat up fast, but they both pull back before things go too far. They are both excited and full of anticipation about this second chance, and they make plans for the night. But first, JJ gently breaks things off with Bev. She's hurt but pretends to be okay with it.