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Thursday - 05/01/14

Nicole is horrified that she's accidentally shot Daniel. Liam is about to attack her and Jennifer when Daniel recovers. The men struggle, and Liam ends up dead. Nicole later explains her actions to Hope, Eric, Daniel and Jennifer and is uncomfortable when she's labeled a hero. She tries to find the original copy of Chyka's letter on Liam's body but is interrupted.

At the hospital, Daniel, Jennifer and Nicole are checked out, and everyone is fine. Maggie and Abigail arrive and so do Brady and Theresa. Hope reveals one last discovery about Liam - and privately, Theresa and Nicole each feels she has dodged a bullet. Theresa "apologizes" to Jennifer for not coming forward with her suspicions about Liam sooner. Later, Daniel, Jennifer and Abigail share a warm moment with JJ.

Meanwhile, Eric declares his love for Nicole, and she feels nothing will ever keep them apart again. However, she doesn't realize there still remains a threat that could expose her secret.

At the same time, Brady and Theresa return home, and she thinks they can pick up their relationship right where they left off. However, Brady is clearly hesitant and calls it a night. Theresa vows to reel him back in.

Earlier, JJ goes out on a date with Bev and runs into Paige. Paige confronts him again about breaking things off just because she'll be moving away in the fall for college. JJ starts to reconsider his stance when he's interrupted with news about his mother. Once he's gone, Bev gives Paige a stern warning.

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The dangerous situation on Smith Island comes to a deadly conclusion.
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Days of our Lives
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Thursday, May 1, 2014 - 13:00
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Days of our Lives



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The dangerous situation on Smith Island comes to a deadly conclusion.