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Thursday - 04/24/14

Nicole realizes Liam's obsessed with Jennifer. Debra warns Nicole to be careful and gives her the key to her ex-husband's safety deposit box. Nicole goes there, hoping to retrieve the evidence Liam has on her regarding Chyka - and runs into Liam.

Earlier, Liam listens in as Jennifer shows Daniel the prescription bottle. Liam goes nuts when he hears Jennifer still stands behind Daniel. Daniel later confronts Theresa, saying he has proof of what she did to set him up. Meanwhile, Jennifer goes to the Horton cabin.

Earlier, Theresa admits to Anne she's still worried about that key she had made to Daniel's place, even though she assures Anne she got rid of it a long time ago. From the look on Anne's face, Theresa can tell she doesn't believe her.

Will and Sonny worry about keeping Sami in line, while Sami lays into EJ for keeping secrets from her.

Nick and Gabi meet with Aiden to draw up Arianna's custody agreement. Aiden expresses concern about Gabi's close relationship with Nick, a convicted criminal. Nick assures Aiden nothing about his criminal past will come out in court. Later, Gabi returns home and tells Will and Sonny she met with a lawyer about custody. Meanwhile, Nick insists he and Sami need to talk.

JJ's upset Paige got into Stanford and didn't tell him. He doesn't understand why they're even spending time together if she's going away in a few short months. Paige is very hurt when he ends things, and he later asks out Bev.

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Theresa fears the Liam situation is getting out of control - will she get caught?
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Days of our Lives
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Thursday, April 24, 2014 - 13:00
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Days of our Lives



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Theresa fears the Liam situation is getting out of control - will she get caught?