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Thursday - 04/17/14

Rafe is determined to figure out what everyone is hiding about Gabi, but Kate and Will stay mum. Earlier, Nick bluntly tells Kate that if her ex-lover keeps pushing, Rafe will be the one who sends Gabi, Kate and Sami to prison. Meanwhile, Will brings up the idea of joint custody with Gabi, who freaks. She confides in Nick, and they end up kissing - which Rafe witnesses.

Daniel carefully tries to bait Theresa, accusing her of drugging him. Though worried about having given Liam the key to Daniel's apartment, Theresa manages not to give herself away. At the same time, Brady tells Jennifer he wants to help Daniel, but she gently points out between his alcohol problem and dating Theresa, it's not possible. Later, Theresa meets up with Brady and learns he intends to quit drinking and to stop seeing her in order to help Daniel figure out who drugged him. Theresa isn't happy, but Brady thinks it's a way to clear Daniel's name and Theresa's. If she's not on board, then they're through. Brady then goes to Daniel to offer his help, and Daniel accepts. At the same time, Liam uses the key Theresa gave him and enters Daniel's apartment to frame the good doctor once again.

Aiden and Hope must work as a team to put the St. Luke's summer gala together, but when a snafu causes them to lose their venue, they try to fix the problem and come up short. When Father Louis inquires about their progress, Aiden lies and Hope thinks he's just made things worse.

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Brady tells Theresa he has to stop seeing her.
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Days of our Lives
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Thursday, April 17, 2014 - 13:00
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Days of our Lives



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Brady tells Theresa he has to stop seeing her.